As an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) or a Loaned Executive (LE) for your organization, you have a key role in making the United Way campaign a success.

ECC’s raise awareness inside the corporate walls and motivate employees to get interested and involved in the community by engaging their colleagues in a dialogue about United Way, the needs of the community, and creating long-term sustainable solutions to the real problems. With energy and enthusiasm, they encourage participation in their workplace campaign.

ECC’s not only provide a link between corporations and United Way, they also plan, organize and coordinate the entire workplace campaign for their company, along with the support of an LE.

Whether you are a new ECC or LE or if you've done this before, we’ll provide you with all the resources you will need to build a successful campaign. Here, you should find all the information you might need to successfully run a United Way campaign.

You are about to begin a challenging, yet rewarding experience. We appreciate your dedication to our community through the work you do for United Way of Amarillo & Canyon!