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Cultivate Talent, Develop Expertise, Raise Visibility.
What are Loaned Executives?

At the start of each campaign year, United Way of Amarillo & Canyon calls on its Corporate Partners to lend their best and brightest employees. Loaned Executives (LEs) give their expertise and energy to assist United Way in its Workplace Campaign efforts. In doing so, LEs help United Way reach new markets, broaden the base of community giving, and support our local United Way’s commitment to improve lives and strengthen OUR community.  At the end of their term, LEs return to their companies with the satisfaction of a job well done, a community served, and a professional experience they will long remember.

The Loaned Executive program also provides Corporate Partners with an additional opportunity to gain high visibility within the community, provides a significant career enrichment opportunity for the loaned employee, and impacts hundreds of thousands of lives each year.  In addition, Loaned Executives also network with colleagues across the community.

Benefits to the Sponsoring Company
  • Recognition as a leader in improving our community

  • Increased employee leadership and advanced professional skills

  • Strengthens the company’s external relations with other organizations through Loaned Executives’ contacts and working relationships

Benefits to the Loaned Employees
  • Provides the following return on investment: increased communication skills, creative thinking and problem solving, public speaking, project/time management, corporate social responsibility, and leadership and team-building skills

  • Offers valuable contacts throughout the business community

  • Deepens insight into community needs and resources

  • Provides an opportunity to make a difference in the community in which they live and/or work

Benefits to the Community
  • More dollars are raised, which allows United Way of Amarillo & Canyon to increase funding to vital programs in the areas of Education, Income, and Health

  • More lives are improved, which results in a stronger community

  • Stronger community = a more economically stable community

More Information

We would love to have you or your company involved in our Loaned Executive program. Please fill out this form and we would be happy to follow up with you!

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