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A Leadership Opportunity
Loaned Executive Program

Invest in Your Company’s Future and Your Community

LOANED EXECUTIVES (LE’s) are employees of local companies who are loaned, on a part-time basis, by their employers to help with United Way campaigns. LE’s assist local companies conduct a successful United Way campaign. They serve as a United Way spokesperson, conveying the needs of the community and promoting community involvement. Local organizations find tremendous benefit in selecting employees in leadership positions or high-potential individuals likely to take on a broader role within their company.

Testimonials from Our Partners

How Does Your Organization Benefit?

Talent Development –
Loaned Executives take part in trainings and gain tangible skills. Send us your best, they will return better.

Employee Retention –
Alumni return confident, engaged and proud of their company that invests not only in their employees, but also in their community.

Community Resources –
Employees develop a deeper understanding of United Way programs and resources to the benefit of your entire organization.

Brand Exposure –
The employees’ widespread presence in our area will project your company’s commitment to the community.

How Does Your Employee Benefit?

YOUR EMPLOYEE develops desirable professional skills with a focus on leadership, project/relationship management, public speaking, enhanced communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving and team building skills. They are able to broaden network connections with key community and business leaders and gain a deeper awareness of community issues, needs and resources in Potter and Randall Counties. United Way’s Loaned Executive program provides top-tier training elements including:

   - Executive Sales Training from Don Adams

   - Strength Finder from Gallup

   - The G.R.O.W. Model (GROWing people, performance and purpose)

   - Community awareness training on United Way of Amarillo & Canyon providers, programs and initiatives

   - Team building activities in a diverse environment

   - Presentations from community leaders

Commitment Details

3-10 hours per week (August 1-November 14)
Please contact Resource Development Director, Jason McCoy at 806.376.6359