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Katie Noffsker -- Executive Director
Patricia Lane -- Administrative Assistant
Katherine Fuentes -- Administrative Assistant

Amy Montoya -- Finance Director
Connie Kelley -- Accounts Payable Coordinator
Josephine Fabela -- Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Belinda Crelia-Palacios -- Senior Director of Community Impact
Jose Raul Rodarte-Suto -- Community Initiatives Manager
Kimberley Gardner -- Community Impact Coordinator
Katherine Quinlin -- Program Director Community Youth Development/79107
Bailey Hess -- Assistant Program Director (CYD)

Kelly Stephens -- Director 2-1-1/United Way Helpline Texas Panhandle
Christina Ledesma -- 2-1-1 Community Services/Outreach Coordinator
Courtney White -- 2-1-1 Database Coordinator 
Diane Campa -- 2-1-1 I&R Military Specialist
Sofia Herrera -- 2-1-1 Bilingual Call Specialist

Kasey Long -- Major Gifts Officer
Jason McCoy -- Resource Development Director
Elaina Cunningham -- Development Coordinator
Mattie Anthony -- Development Coordinator
Jessica Boachie -- Administrative Assistant

Honnah Taylor -- Marketing & Communication Director
Chris Villegas -- Digital Marketing Coordinator
Leanna Taylor -- Events Coordinator