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What does service provider mean?

We use the term, unit of service, to quantify what United Way donor dollars buy in our community. Because we have such a wide variety of programs that we fund, there are a vast number of types of units we talk about. It's the simplest way for us to talk about what your investment into United Way does in the community. Your dollars buy over 1.2 million units that are delivered through our 22 partnering agencies.  

Those units can look like this:

  • court appearance with an abused child
  • financial support to recover from a house fire
  • a forensic interview for a victim of abuse
  • case management
  • counseling sessions
  • home-delivered meal
  • night in a shelter
  • a day with a friend (adult day care)
  • ESL class
  • get a GED
  • a day of child care
  • after-school care
  • job training
  • computer classes
  • resource for veterans
  • sports for kids of low-income families
  • scouting meeting
  • financial literacy
  • peer mentoring
  • youth leadership