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Katie Noffsker -- Executive Director

Amy Montoya -- Finance Director
Connie Kelley -- Accounts Payable Coordinator
Josephine Fabela -- Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Adam Leathers -- Senior Director of Community Impact
Jose Raul Rodarte-Suto -- Community Initiatives Manager
Katherine Quinlin -- Program Director Community Youth Development/79107
Samantha Raleigh -- Assistant Program Director (CYD)

Kelly Stephens -- 211 Texas Panhandle/United Way Helpline Director
Janell Menahem -- 211 Date Base Curator/Special Projects Coordinator 
Robyn Scott -- 211 Resource Specialist
Yvette Alvarado -- 211 Bilingual Resource Specialist
Sofia Herrera -- 211 Bilingual Resource Specialist

Kasey Long -- Senior Resource Development Director
Caylar Harper -- Major Gifts Manager
Mattie Anthony -- Resource Development Coordinator
Kimberley Gardner -- Resource Development Coordinator

Honnah Taylor -- Marketing & Communication Director
Chris Villegas -- Digital Marketing Coordinator
Leanna Taylor -- Events Coordinator