This Is Who We Are

At United Way of Amarillo & Canyon, we fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in our community.

Game Changers

We partner with, and invest in, 27 of the most effective nonprofit programs that show real change in our community. Working with businesses, civic leaders, and people like you throughout Amarillo & Canyon, allows us to attack poverty on several fronts. Our goal is to fund programs that will make a positive and everlasting change in peoples lives.

Poverty Reducers

Together we can decrease poverty through prevention. Research* shows that youth can increase their opportunity of living out of poverty to 98% by following three steps:

  1. Earn a high school diploma

  2. Work a full time job

  3. Establish a two parent income before starting a family

Poverty prevention continues to be a focus for United Way of Amarillo & Canyon. Even though poverty rates have decreased, Potter County's rate continues to be greater than the state average, therefore, we continue to focus on teen pregnancy and at-risk single mom birth rates, high school completion, and paths to a post-secondary credentials leading to a higher wage job. Together we can decrease poverty through prevention. The cycle of poverty can be broken!
(*Haskins Ron Sawhill Isabel Creating an Opportunity Society Washington DC Brookings Institution Press 2009 Print)