Community Status Report

The United Way of Amarillo & Canyon's Community Status Report—The report presents demographic, income, health, education and vulnerable population data for the Amarillo & Canyon community and is a tool for all citizens, non-profit agencies, government and business to use in strategic planning and social service investments in the year ahead. The research and data from the report helps guide the United Way’s Community Impact Councils comprised of volunteers seeking the best investments to improve the most pressing issues facing our citizens in education, health, and financial stability.

Improvements we have made (from 2019 report):

  • Low unemployment rate prior to COVID-19
  • Median income is on the rise
  • The Poverty rate in Potter county is high, but on the decline
  • Consistent, strong educational outcomes in the K-12 school systems
  • Several local well-paying jobs that do not require a Bachelor's Degree

Continued challenges (from 2019 report):

  • Continued high rates of chronic illness
  • Potter County has high rates of school suspensions, elevated STI rates (nearly double state averages), and high rates of child abuse and neglect (tripple the state rates)
  • Randall County has a high and growing poverty rate among the elderly, and a persistently high and growing rate of death by suicide. 

We at United Way of Amarillo & Canyon are dedicated to ensuring the education, health and income stability to all of its residents. However we cannot do it alone. We need partners along the way to pick up their swords and participate in this fight. From this Community Status Report we have the information needed to see what the actual problems are and from there can take action. Together we can make a difference.  

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